DIY Home Decor Idea – Corner Vegetable Storage

We all desire more space and storage, especially in the kitchen. So what if an area in the kitchen takes up precious little space and adds more room your fresh groceries! Well, here’s a neat DIY home decor kitchen organization project (from Anika’s DIY Life) that takes advantage of the floor space (the corner) to store your own fresh produce like vegetables and fruits using a vertical storage bin.  

It literally turns a not so useful corner into one handy area to store more food! Organization heaven … so scroll down to check out the steps for your nifty kitchen corner storage.

DIY Vertical Storage Bin

1. Cut plywood for the sides per the plans using a circular saw or table saw.
2. Cut plywood for the bin bottoms using a circular saw. A Jig Saw will work too.
3. Cut 1 x 6 boards for the sides using a jig saw. With the exception of plywood for the sides, the cuts are involved and require exact measurement.
4. Use wood glue and finish nails to attach two plywood sides at 90°. These will make the corner. If you like, you can also use a Kreg Jig and join using pocket holes.
5. Mark location of the bin bottoms on the plywood sides.
6.Align the the bin bottoms and attach using wood glue and finish nails from the outside.
7. Attach the 1×6 bin sides using wood glue and finish nails on both sides of the storage bin.
8. Measure the exact distance between the edges of the 1×6 bin sides and cut a bevel on a 1 x 4 board accordingly. You need to then chop off about 1/4″ from the sharp end of the bevel to line up the slat.
9. Align the slat to front of the bin and attach using wood glue and finish nails.
10.Paint or stain the vegetable bin in the color of your choice.
11. Add chalkboard labels to the front of the bins.

Above home decor plans and image attribution – Anika’s DIY Life

Not only does the corner storage provides more kitchen storage for the fruits and vegetables, this simple idea adds a bit of nice home decor touch to an area that needed a bit more creativity. So why not give this DIY home decor project a try this weekend!