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We are a small team of 3 savvy minded ladies who wants to share our knowledge, creativity, mistakes and joy in creating a fabulous home decor.

Seriously, depending on your budget, a home decor project can be either fun, easy or time consuming … most of all … it has to suit your taste and match the overall theme of your home decor.

Hence this small website was designed with the best intentions to provide our fellow home decor enthusiasts with inspirations and ideas to truly turn your home into a comfortable, warm house to live, breathe and sleep in.

CozyHomeDecorPlans.com is filled with useful ideas and tips, and we will try to provide new blog posts on home decor every month and help you manage your home decor projects. We have partnered up to only provide great information you require.

Please note that the information posted throughout the site are of a general nature. It is for educational purpose only and not intended to provide any professional advice. For more complex home decor design please consult a professional for advice.

Cozy Bedroom Decor Ideas

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