8 Attractive Teen Girl Bedrooms

Need some fun and funky home decor inspirations for designing your teen girl bedroom? With the likes of home magazines, lifestyle TV programs to Pinterest, it’s never been easier to find some stunning home decor designs. And of course we have tracked some easy and rad teen girl bedrooms to help you plan a room that can satisfy even the ‘hard to please’ teenager.

Importantly, before you decide on any trend, plan it with your teenage daughter and give them some ownership with the makeover. As well, with any decor arrangement, consider their personality, taste and interest in styling when giving their bedroom a transformation. Remember, most young teenager’s taste and preferences can change, much like the weather.

But never fear, from the beauty makeup area to the sleeping corner, the ideas presented here are just some of the popular trends in Pinterest and will surely provide some nice creative decor inspirations that will keep your daughter and you happy!

8 Teen Girl Bedrooms

home decor

A nice, snug home decor area to relax and read that favorite book.

teen girl bedroom decor

A chic, modern bedroom decor with soft natural colors accompanied by comfy pillows and furniture.

teen girl bedroom ideas.

What more do you want? A nice pink throw blanket, a couple of nice pillows and a nice wall decor – this nice decor shouts comfort.

diy home decor

You can never go wrong with fair lights, especially for any decor ideas for teen girl bedrooms!

teen girl bedrooms

A nice touch to keep her room personal with just some or many of your daughter’s favorite photos. The fairy lights comes in handy too.

diy home decor

A chic and delightful home decor. The rug and blankets provides a nice, soft touch to the room.

home decor ideas

Every teenage girl dream – their own beauty area where they can simply give herself a beauty treatment.

teen girl bedrooms

Not too girly and not too boyish. This is a fun and funky home decor idea for teen girl bedrooms from wall features like favorite photos and the world map, a storage below and above the bed, and a chic bedside table.

Hopefully, the above 8 home decor ideas will give you a much needed boost in creativity for both your daughter and yourself. These teen girl bedrooms provides a nice selection of themes that can help blend in some of the tastes and personality of a teenager.

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Images sourced from Pinterest, All Things Thrifty, E.P. Light