6 DIY Home Decor Dollar Tree Farmhouse Ideas

Everyone enjoys that rustic farmhouse home decor. From the wall to the decorations, a rustic or farmhouse item can add that midas charm to the area.  And you don’t need to spend a huge amount to achieve that farmhouse decor.  That’s right, this article will illustrate simple ideas that you can buy from any dollar store.

And if you look hard enough you will find some fantastic rustic decorative items at any dollar store … and at bargain investments.

This is good news for the DIY junkies who loves the farmhouse decor and at a budget.

From planter boxes to rustic box storages, these little items will provide a nice touch and inspo.

6 DIY Home Decor Dollar Tree Ideas

diy home decor

A nice and simple white decor piece.

cheap home decor

An assortment of small rustic collection will give plenty to the home decor.

diy home decor farmhouse

A nice rustic organizational storage that will add funk to the area.

diy home decor country

A delicate rustic piece that brings softness and coziness.

diy home decor

A white rustic weight scale that adds a bit of nice touch, and throw in some fresh lemons (or the fake ones) you will have an even more impressive decor.

diy home decor rustic

From planter boxes to vintage rustic lamps, you can’t go past this rustic charm.

Inspired? Well, why not start your home decor journey by planning your ideas for a farmhouse home decor, stop by your nearest dollar tree store and grab your self some rustic items for a charming farmhouse decor.  And remember, don’t over clutter your room with items. Just keep it simple for one amazing home decor.

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Image Source : Clutter Bug and Pinterest