23 Stunning DIY Home Decor Ideas

Looking to refresh your home decor? Here are some exciting home decor project ideas that will get your creative mojo going today. In this article we have collected a range of unique to simple home decor ideas from Pinterest that will delight our DIY fans. In this collection there are a gamut of easy and clean decorating designs to some very outstanding styling examples. But the key point to take out of this post … keep everything simple and avoid cluttering the entire room with crap. Period. Only choose home decor that are proportionally clean like no over sized furniture that looks out of place or one that will block your walking path. Mix and match appropriate items and furniture that will blend nicely to the room. If it is cheap and too colorful it will look cheap and tacky. If you do opt for inexpensive items, choose nice finishing and your guests will not notice it. The trick here is to get the right home decor balance and not over do it.

23 Stunning Home Decor Ideas

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This is one ceiling feature that will stand out with plenty of sparkles.

easy home decor

If you want a dining table that dazzles, that this is it.

diy home decor

A decorative plant piece that will give the home decor a lift to an essentially clean white room.

diy home decor

Something about the wall piece, a comfortable sofa chair, big pillow, books and other simple decor arrangements that give plenty of comfy to this home decor.

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diy home decor easy

home decor projects

A neat way to keep your items organized and clean whilst giving a nice home decor touch..

home decor furniture

A vintage home decor furniture that can give more chic to the room.

diy home decor

A vintage shabby chic home decor ideas utilizing decorative angel wings and heart hanging feature …. the hanging features adds a tad of touch to the vintage chic door.

cheap home decor

Large mirrors will add more visual space to any room. Overall, a very tidy and simple decor.

home decor wall art

Rustic home decor idea : A simple yet lovely rustic wooden shelving that is oh so welcoming.

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Sparkling and shiny furniture that will stand out in any room.

home decorating

A modern black and white living room.

best home decor

A DIY decorative clean piece that can used for home decor styling.

diy home decor

A nice idea to make more room and keep the home decor neat and organized.

home decor ideas

A simple DIY home decor ideas for the wall.

home decor projects

A DIY home decor idea for a small room to consider.

diy home decor projects

A charming, modern rustic kitchen ideas that will impress your guests.


A cool looking velvet chair that suits the bohemian or funky home decor.

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A creative storage idea fits in well with the home decor and a perfect organization piece for the bathroom or any room.

home decor wall art

A very unique dry wall feature that will have your guests talking about this quirky home decor wall decor. If you want a big feature, give this home decor idea a try.

home decor

A rustic yet welcoming home decor country frontage that say Welcome.

home decor

Again, more sparkles but this time for the door handle. A delicate home decor idea.

Hopefully you will a nice balance of home decor ideas that you can try and pull this weekend. From the shiny door knob, rustic furniture to a balanced living room decor, we are sure you will these ideas handy.

So give it a go, but keep the home decor arrangements simple and avoid cluttering the entire room with useless or ugly items.

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Images sourced from Pinterest