13 Gorgeous Teen Girl Bedrooms

Let’s face it every young teenage girl has her individual idea and taste in home decor style.  It’s their progress towards more independence and personality, and away from a little girl’s room. Hence, what simpler and creative way to convey it than their own bedroom?

The bedroom decor for a maturing teenage girl should really reflect her ever-maturing tastes and decorating style with a sprightly yet more polished presentation which needs to be very modern, trendy, and spirited with energy.

When planning the home decor for the bedroom, encourage your teen girls’ participation and input in the room decorating process.

Your teen girl’s bedroom will be her escape and sanctuary from the day to day grind, and hence should be arranged to suit her preferences. 

 In this article, we have found some fantastic and gorgeous home decor inspirations for your teen girl bedroom from all places Pinterest!

13 Teen Girl Bedrooms

teen girl bedrooms

A colorful bedroom that will suit a teen who loves a unicorn inspired theme that has a bit of color, fluffy pillows and more.

home decor ideas

A sophisticated modern teen girl bedroom, with a lovely wall decor  .

home decor.

A charming yet sophisticated pink room decor for a teen girl. The colors are well balanced and the bedroom has plenty of organizational space. Love the floor rug.

teen girl bedrooms

A soft cozy bedroom with lovely fairy lights and extra storage below the bed. 

diy home decor

This bedroom decor is for a young teen girl that stills wants a bit of girly touch to the room. The plush furnitures is a nice added touch for the bedroom.

diy home decor easy

A glam and energetic beauty area for a teen girl bedroom. What more would a young maturing girl want? 

home decor bedroom

A modern decor splashed with pillows and neutral colors around the bedroom and one that comes with a fun chalkboard wall.

pink teen girl bedrooms

If you teen girl loves pink and with a touch of glam, then this home decor bedroom idea is for her!

home decor

A nice twin share bedroom that any teen girls would enjoy. Soft pink tones mixed with other lighter colors provides a soft and balanced home decor to the room.

home decor

This bedroom has a balanced matured home decor taste. The bed provides a nice solution to noth seating and storage which saves plenty of living space to the bedroom. The colors are not overpowering or too girly. 

purple teen girl bedrooms

A rad, purple teen girl bedroom decor idea. A beauty table, a small LED tv, drawers for storage, purple walls and a couch purple. This is truly purple heaven home decor.

home decor

A sweet, charming netting (canopy) bedroom decor that will delight most teen girls – fairy lights,  a comfy bed, lovely bedside table and a lamp – a balanced home decor.

green teen girl bedroom

If your teen girl likes green or likes to think outside the square then this decor design maybe for her. It’s chic yet modern. Be inspired!

There you have it, 13 of the best home decor ideas for teen girl bedrooms. So if you and your teen daughter are inspired, start planning together for her own dream bedroom. With your guidance and her input, a well designed bedroom will come to fruition.  But never rush into the idea, take the time to stick to a theme and keep the decor balanced without too much clutter.  

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Images sourced from Pinterest