DIY Home Decor Ideas For a Cozy Bedroom

If you want your bedroom to be more than super comfy, then simply adding more blankets and stuffed pillows will not do. Really, it is about creating that vibe with great decor using a mix of furniture and colors for that balanced home decor in any room.

To accomplish this, you can spend high on things from stores like Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters. Alternatively you can have more have by being creative and get onto some comfy DIY home decor bedroom projects.

Whether it is a re-do to the bedroom or making a few minor changes to life your bedroom’s feel and look, there are a few DIY craft options that can make a small or big statement to the bedroom. Check out these creative but fun DIY home decor projects that will make a difference to your bedroom’s appeal.

Below are 5 simple but fun DIY home decor projects for your bedroom!

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1. Photo Wall With String Light

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A great idea from urbanoutfitters, using the String lights will give the bedroom a comfy feel. The soft lights eminating will give the room that warm and fuzzy mood. String the lights along and all over the room, or on 1 wall, plus add a some photo memories by hanging your favorite photos between the lights.

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2. DIY Pillows

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Pillows are important for any comfy room. But, it can get pricey, so why not get creative and craft your own pillows to save mulah. Try these cute macaron pillows from camelotfabricsblog which are ideal for a great cuddling.

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3. Place a Few Little Nesting Bowls Around the Bedroom

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This may be a strange suggestion, but you know what, petite little bowls can enhance a room’s appeal and give it a more personal comfy feeling, especially when the room is filled with the most aesthetically meaningful or pleasing items

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4. Hang a Do It yourself Floating Shelf For Plants

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Guess what. A nice looking hanging floating shelf can add more color and home decor charm to a room, more so than a standard shelf. When you add a plant to the floating shelf, it can seriously add a boho vibe. Give it a try and add more warmth and charm to your bedroom!

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5. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can add warmth and comfort. So how many pillows are required to make your bedroom look inviting and warm? Depending on the size of your bed, it should be between 2 to 6 throw pillows!

There you have it, five fun and creative diy home decor projects that will more comfort and coziness to any room!

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