DIY Backyard Ideas With Reclaimed Wood

If you want a distinctive backyard for your home, then are some simple and practical ideas to decorate your outdoor garden area. The best part is, these ideas are affordable to put into action and will not require expensive decorative materials to have a great looking backyard.

Yep, this DIY backyard decorating idea only requires recycling of the wood.

Reclaimed wood can give that added lift to the backyard, and because it is cheap and easy to attain, it is an environmentally friendly earthy product and gives it a warm appeal.

For sure, turning any kind of wood into a imaginative backyard idea can revive a tired outdoor garden space. Here are five great and cheap backyard ideas…

Tree Stump Planter

backyard idea

Garden Borders

Again using reclaimed wood, you cut the wood to varying lengths which will give it a pronounce edge to the garden beds. Whether it is stained, weathered or painted, it will give a nice earth and playful feel to your garden beds and backyard. A nice backyard idea!

Forest’s Feel

backyard idea

If you have any leftover wooden logs you can give your garden beds a dramatic look with a higher raised border. Birch logs especially will create a stunning effect and contrast to the green surroundings.

Something For The Deck

This is a fun backyard idea and if you are good with your hands, this will take less than an hour. Grab two old or new wooden fence posts, four solar powered outdoor lights, your drill, Eight extra long screws plus one 8 inch long scrap of treated 4 by 4 inch wood. Then cut the post to four varying lengths, and drill two holes in each cut post for the screws.

After that, screw all the posts together, followed by drilling holes to the top of each wooden post for the solar lights.

Pallet Garden Walk

Use reclaimed wooden pallet or even crate boards and then cut to a desired length! Dig up a flat pathway, then place the boards into position. You can leave boards loosly so when it comes to weeding time the boards can be lifted up. For more stability push some soil in between to hold the boards in place. Then venture to your local nursery to grab the rock garden variety.

There you have it – 5 easy diy backyard ideas that you can literally finish in one day. Best of all it is cheap and you are turning old wooden items for more practical use – your creative backyard ideas.

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