8 Reasons Why The Home Decor Might Look Cheap

From hanging too many photos and hanging pictures too high, to purchasing over sized or small furniture, these little aspects of home decor arrangements will make any guests feel like they have entered into a world from Alice in Wonderland.

Here are 8 reasons why these home decor ideas can make your room look cheap.

1. Wrong proportions – examples like hanging the photos too high, using an over sized or tiny furniture that doesn’t suit the room space will not work.

2. Cheap and colorful – If you opt for the budget finish, choose cheap finishes or furniture, and make neutral choices for a nice home decor. Cheap items that have bold colors will not work as it will stand out and be seen as as cheap.

3. Clutter – That’s right, Less is more. If you have too many curated collections, it will be overwhelming. If you cannot put a cup of coffee down on the table without knocking an item over accidentally — then my friend, you have too much rubbish.

Try scaling it back and rotate a few things out seasonally. If you have got a themed collection or items that can be grouped easily, try arranging them as a set on the shelf for a charming affect.

4. DIY disaster – We all like to think tat we are the DIY masters (I wish) … but if you are not a super handyman (like me) then tackling a project, like adding back-splash to the kitchen, can be difficult and overwhelming. More likely, the result will end up disappointing and looking careless and sloppy.

Instead use your DIY skills for smaller ideas like updating finishes and hire the experts for the bigger projects.

5. Fake flowers – Finding fake flowers that look both beautiful and tasteful can be difficult and potentially can be quite expensive. Hence, instead of considering the cheaper kinds, why not buy fresh flowers. Consider inexpensive flowers which will have high visual impact.

From Orchid plants, Hydrangeas to Tiger Lillies, you will have wonderful and beautiful blooms. So why not attempt at grouping the flowers into a few smaller vases (or mason jars) for one great optimal and eye pleasing impact.

6. Dead plants – get rid of the wilting flowers that have gone past their used by dates, they just don’t look nice. Period.

7. Crappy flow – again, if you have too much clutter or have over-sized furnitures that will block your path, or have items and furnitures that are not appropriately placed then the home decor will not be balanced … and will simply look cheap and crappy.

Hence consider the layout of the home carefully and employ the philosophy of Less is More … and get rid of a few things.

8. Dated finishes – A quality finish can really give your home decor a lovely feel. So swap out, or spray paint your dated finishes for a striking, fresh decor.

There you have it 8 simple decor ideas to pay attention to and avoid that cheap home decor look.

Image and above ideas from Pierre Carepetian Group